The Shadow a Student Challenge is back this February!

The Shadow a Student Challenge is a journey that starts with seeing school through a student’s eyes, identifying meaningful opportunities to improve the experience for your students, and taking action to create change at your school site.

Last year over 1,500 educators and school leaders across the world immersed themselves in student life for a day. Check out some amazing stories from 2016’s challenge. This year we want to spread this message to even more educators and school leaders. Our new website and toolkit focus on using the shadowing experience to take insight-driven action to create real change in your school community.

It’s about empathy. This is a time for school leaders to truly immerse themselves in a student’s world. Meet them at the bus stop, go to their classes, sit with their friends at lunch – get a real understanding of what it’s like to be a student.

Will you join us as we make 2017 the year of #empathy? Click here to learn how this challenge works and sign up before February 2nd.

Are you a school leader and/or educator? Sign up to shadow a student.
Are you a parent? Ask your principal to commit to shadowing a student.
Are you a community member? Share this with your network.