Taking insights to action with San Francisco Unified School District

The sun was out, sharpies were in hand, and we were at a beautiful Potrero Hill high school; the stage was set for an enjoyable, insights-to-action evening. Together with 14 school leaders from across the San Francisco Unified School District, the K12 Lab Network hosted a #shadowastudent Debrief and Reflection session at Thurgood Marshall High School on March 14th to take insights gained from the shadowing experience into an actionable plan at their schools.

Thanks to a district-wide nomination by Superintendent Richard Carranza, SFUSD saw the largest number of district sign-ups to participate in the Shadow A Student Challenge. This Debrief and Reflection session served as a platform to share their shadowing experiences and to collectively shift gears towards hacking across the district.

Together we explored what they had noticed while shadowing a student, how it made them feel, and what changes they could experiment with starting next week. Each school leader shared one challenge that they would try to address, ranging from transition times between classes to the relevance of subject matter.

As we packed up the leftovers and reset the room, a few lingering questions remained:
How might we teach agency and autonomy? How to go beyond “doing school”? How might we redesign the overall calendar? How to help students support each other?

And how might we support each other in keeping empathy alive and hacking away at our school cultures? This SFUSD evening was one of many important steps towards positive student-centric change. Check out our Hacktivities to see some ways you can hack towards #deeperlearning at your school, and click here to see the flow of the day and the worksheet used to debrief and move towards action. 

We look forward to continuing this journey together.