Math in Common | Process & Product

February marked the closing loop to a series of workshops we ran with Math in Common over 18 months. The Math in Common community brought together 10 districts to participate in professional development around student success in mathematics, and our work together launched human-centered design challenge in the area of math and technology.

As our fearless leader David Kelley suggests, deadlines are the mechanism that force design collaborators to come together and get things done. With our last workshop together, the K12 Lab Network hosted a series of experiences to crystallize what the groups learned about design thinking as a process for innovation. We then used Seamus Harte’s storymold technique to create 1-2 minute product videos that explained the prototypes they made, and the impact they had on the user.

On the second day, district teams showcased their work, got feedback on prototypes and their storytelling, and charted a course for the months ahead. Find the workshop resources here, and the storymold videos here.